Saturday, 30 March 2019

Exclusive Orion Luxury Spa in Baner Pune | Rejuvenation Unlimited

Orion Spa & Healthcare Centre is a Luxury Spa in Baner Pune with a touch of royalty and exquisiteness. We offer an unrivalled spa experience with extravagant pleasures. All of our treatments incorporate stress-relieving massages, treatments to relax sore muscles and head massage to alleviate mental exhaustion. Our extraordinary massage therapists have undergone extensive training so they are well-qualified to provide the best feel-good experience. All the therapists strive to heighten the sensed touch to pamper the guests in every way possible. The pampering services of therapists work their magic while you lie laid back in the bliss of the relaxed setting.

Orion is the ultimate destination for best hand and foot massages with a focus on specific pressure points to benefit the body. Massages are also available for head, neck, shoulders, and back. Our Skin centre offers effective skin treatments with scrubs, body wraps, and facials.

Being a Luxury Spa in Baner Pune, Orion spa centre’s majestic architecture, opulent setting, and lavish hospitality steal your heart the moment you step in. In fact, it is our pampering tradition that treats your senses to the core! Being an ideal retreat for relaxing and refreshing your body, mind, and soul, you feel a new you! Also, feel the benefits of detox, beauty enhancement, and holistic wellness.

By all means, it is a getaway to relax and rejuvenate in a blissful setting. It is the unrivalled and soul-uplifting experience that makes Orion a truly worthwhile place to visit. Another advantage is that the prices are very competitive, so it's an outstanding value for money!  Orion invites you to revitalize yourself at our plush treatment rooms and enjoy the ambient lighting, background music, and soothing fragrance. Contact Us or Call Us on +91- 7507444424 to book a luxury spa appointment today!

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